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CREATE 38 ATP is a U.S. Patented formula* that works by supporting your body's metabolism on the molecular level enhancing overall performance. So whether you are engaging in strenuous adventures, running around with your family or building your empire, you deserve to function at a premium level with all the energy you need to get it done without the crashing components of stimulates. When you take CREATE 38 ATP you are ensuring that your body is running at its utmost efficiency by:

  • Using an all natural, safe formula with no stimulates.
  • Clinical studies show insulin effectiveness,  utilizing glucose uptake in muscle cells.
  • metabolizing  lactic acid in the muscles and help in the production of energy in the cells, resulting in faster recovery with less muscle soreness.
  • Supporting your living cells  overall health. 
  • Increasing the optimal functionality of turning food into energy.

For more information click here to read the patent on our formula, which includes a detailed scientific description, background of the product and full list ingredients.

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