Cravin' Cashew Clusters

  • $ 675

These raw, organic kale chips are small batch, hand crafted and guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds.  Uncompromising in flavor, they are infused with our patented CREATE 38 ATP formula you know and trust.

Feel free to indulge on, either to start your day, as a pre-workout boost, or any time you need to satisfy your hunger -- optimizing your performance and maximizing energy levels.  Excellent after workouts for recovery and long-lasting energy without the spikes.  

A challenge to you - open a bag and take a bite, CREATE 38 ways to maximize your life!

Ingredients: Rawganic: Kale, Cashews, Lemon, Celtic Sea Salt, Agave Nectar, Curry Spice, Garlic, CREATE 38 ATP®

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